Buddy Up Saturdays

The first Saturday of every month is ‘Bring a Friend Day.’ The workouts will be bodyweight movements that anyone and everyone can do. The class will be free for your friend and all they have to do is sign our waiver before joining the class. 


Enjoy monthly speciality seminars beginning in January. The plan is to have themed months (HSPU, T2B, pull-ups, muscle ups, olympic lifting, pistols, nutrition, advanced mobility, etc.) and at the beginning of the month, we will release videos on progressions to help you get the movement and videos to help you refine the movement. After everyone has had a couple weeks to practice the progressions either during warmups, before class, or after class, we will hold a seminar with those who would like to attend to provide further instruction with coaches on a more personal level. These seminars will be 90 minutes long on one Sunday of each month.