We are located on the south side of the campus at 6451 E Shea Blvd. If you point your smart phone GPS to 10249 N 64th Place you will find directions to our parking lots off of North 64th Place.

Why CrossFit Chaparral?

  • CrossFit in the heart of Scottsdale

  • Affordable Membership Plans

  • Discounts for Families, Military, LEO, Nurses, Teachers, and Public Safety employees

  • Scalable fitness for all levels

  • Meticulous Coaching

  • Current athletes range from age 7 to 70


Why is CrossFit Chaparral inexpensive?


We strive to provide an affordable CrossFit facility for Scottsdale and its surrounding communities.  Your membership fees pay for facilities, overhead, equipment, and community.  Personal Training at your local globo-gym ranges from $40-100 per session, and that’s in addition to your monthly dues.  CrossFit offers the benefits of personal training in a group setting, and combines it with the superior coaching for which CrossFit is known.

Is CrossFit really for all fitness levels?


Yes, but this does not mean that all people are willing to do CrossFit.  Personal motivation is required.

Here’s a famous CrossFit HQ saying: “Your needs and the needs of the olympic athlete vary by degree, not kind.”

Do I need to be physically fit or in shape prior to joining CrossFit Chaparral?


The only prerequisite is that you learn the foundational movements so that you can perform movements safely and efficiently.  Everything we do can be scaled up and down to fit your state of conditioning.  Oh, and personal motivation is required.

Will I get “big” doing CrossFit?


Our workouts (WODs) will do what all other good CrossFit programs will do: Create a person who is well-balanced in the 10 general physical skills.  These skills are cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.   This is our goal… Not “bulking up” or “trimming our problem areas.”

How do you program / vary your workouts (WODs)?


We explain this more at the Foundations classes, but in a nutshell, we utilize the CrossFit prescription: Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.  What does “varied” mean? How do you quantify “high intensity”?  How do you define functional?  These are good questions.  Browse our What is CrossFit page and come to our Fundamentals classes to find out more.

Why am I required to complete Foundations before joining the regular CrossFit classes?


CrossFit is all about safety and intensity.  It’s common sense that before you can ramp up intensity on compound movements like the overhead squat, clean and jerk, and so on, that you must first have sound mechanics.  Foundations will introduce you to sound mechanics, so that you can then develop consistency in your movements. After you learn the mechanics and show that you can be consistent, then (and only then) should you pump up the intensity.  Here’s the formula: Mechanics – Consistency – Intensity.




Affiliate Manager

CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer


Stephan is both an incredible athlete and dedicated coach.  He is currently a second year medical student at University of Arizona Tucson College of Medicine. Even though he is in Tucson most of the time, when he is in town, you will see him filling in coaching and hopping in on the regular classes!


Legion of Beasts Team, 1st Place, 2017



CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer


Rachel is both a great coach and a phenomenal athlete, placing 1st in Arizona in the 2016 Open for teens 16-17. In addition to CrossFit, Rachel has earned her black belt in Karate. She is finishing up her senior year at ASU with a degree in biological sciences. 

CrossFit Teens Open 1st in Arizona, 2016

Granite Games Teens, Xth Place, 2017

Cascade Classic, Elite Division, Xth Place, 2018

coachness-150x150 (1).jpg



CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer

Erica is our very own world-class pianist (educated at Yale, plus a doctorate in musical arts), and is an avid knitter and photographer.  She and her husband were among the first members at CrossFit Chaparral. You can always have a conversation/argument with her about Star Wars, Star Trek, superheroes, or her girl/boy twins (whose middle names are Trouble and Danger, respectively). If you want some professional photos done, contact her!





CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) TrainerOlympic Lifting CertificationCrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Gymnastic’s Trainer Course

Alex is a long-term coach and a hiking guide by trade! Alex is also one of our foundation coaches. He loves hiking rim-to-rim-to-rim (there’s a story in there somewhere).



CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer

Cory is an avid powerlifter who has turned to liking the push and diversity of CrossFit. He coaches many of our evening classes as well as our kids/teens classes. He has also recently earned his Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and works as the youth pastor at Chaparral Christian Church.



CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer

Along with coaching at CrossFit Chaparral, Robert is the strength and conditioning coach for the Fountain Hills High School football team. In his high school “glory days”, he won the 1A state championship in basketball at Gilbert Christian High School. He later walked on at then Southwestern College, now Arizona Christian University, for baseball. He recently graduated from Grand Canyon University with a masters in Education. 

Stela Horvat


CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer

When Stela is not coaching or coming up with awesome warm-ups, she is a nurse at Mayo. She is also a new mom to two rather adorable girls. 



Wellness and Nutrition Coach

CrossFit Level 1  (CF-L1) Trainer

Dr. Perrine was raised in New Jersey in the shadow of New York City.  While attending Glassboro Sate College Dr Perrine was a member of the National Champion Glassboro Ultimate Frisbee  team.  Since 2005, Dr. Perrine has been the consulting chiropractor for the Kansas City Royals baseball team during their Spring Training in Arizona.



Performance Movement Coach

Corinne was born and raised in Normandy France. She came to the States at 20 y.o. and graduated as a Physician Assistant. She is a bodywork therapist, specialized in Neurokinetic and Corrective Exercises. Corinne works with athletes to address pain points, muscle imbalance and compensations, and improve mobility.




CrossFit Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer
CrossFit Defense Trainer
Olympic Lifting Certification
Strongman Certification
CrossFit Rower Trainer

CrossFit Masters’ Qualifier 2014-2018

Granite Games 50-54 9th place, 2018
CrossFit Team Series: 

       6th place 2015

       5th place 2016 

       3rd Place 2017
2nd Place Summer Slam Team Event 2016
1st Place SICFIT Co-ed Team  2016
2nd Place, Disney Fit Challenge 2014, Masters 45-49




He is a father of three kids, husband to an inspirational wife, and a military athlete. He is currently serving as a Chaplain in the United States Army. Nick is stationed at Fort Bragg, but remains a huge part of the lifeblood of CrossFit Chaparral.


  1. Check your ego at the door. 
    You don’t have rivals here, you have teammates.  You don’t have competitors, you have people who push you to do more, go faster, be better.   If you are done with your workout, run with someone on their last leg, gather around and cheer them on their last rep.  Slap hands and pat shoulders, telling people what a great job they did, and mean it.  If you are just hanging out, help out, never be too cool for school. 

  2. Respect the Box. 
    Respect the equipment and return everything you use when you are finished.  Pay attention to where you found your equipment, including the colors of the weights, and return them to the same location.  Staying organized will help us spend less time looking for gear and will create more space to move around the box. 

  3. Practice Hospitality. 
    Introduce yourself to anyone you do not know, as they may need to revive your unconscious body later, and “Hey dude, wake up!” is so impersonal.   A CrossFit box can be very intimidating, so a warm and friendly introduction can help settle nerves. 

  4. Arrive On-Time and Ready to Work. 
    We do our best to ensure that each class starts on-time and is limited to one hour.  You may consider arriving a few minutes early if you need extra time stretching or warming up.  If you do arrive late (it happens to the best of us), check the whiteboard as soon as you arrive and jump in the warm-up and do your best to be ready to start the WOD with everyone else.  If you are too late to start with WOD safely, we will need to bump you to the next class. 

  5. Control your Weight. 
    Dropping a bar on a failed lift or when you feel you can no longer safely perform a movement is sometimes necessary. However, it should not become the standard method of returning the bar to the ground between reps.  Also, ghost-riding the bar comes with a 20 burpee penalty. 

  6. Don’t Chalk the Box. 
    You are not Lebron James.  When using chalk, chalk your hands inside the bucket. 

  7. Do Not Cheat. 
    Keep an accurate count of your rounds, reps and sets and scale as needed.  You will gain far more from a scaled workout than a fictional one.  Plus, once you start cheating you will find it very hard to stop. 

  8. Keep Sweat to Yourself. 
    Shirts and shorts are required for all athletes.

  9. Listen Up. 
    We understand that Eye of the Tiger can be quite the motivation while rocking Murph.  However, please keep your MP3 players off during the workout.  Our job is to make sure you are performing the movements safely and efficiently, and your ability to hear your coach is very important. The only exception to this rule is a purely a running or rowing workout. 

  10. Practice Accuracy. 
    While nailing a 10 foot target with a large weighted ball may not be so difficult anymore, a paper towel is proving to be quite the nemesis of accuracy and coordination. Take the extra second to ensure a safe delivery of paper to it’s receptacle.