**Unlimited membership is $129/month and we have discounts for military, public safety workers, teachers, and nurses, and your family members!

**We also offer punch-card and modified memberships based on your needs!

**We offer CrossFit, Yoga, Kids CrossFit, Teen CrossFit and specialty such as endurance, running, strongman, and Olympic lifting classes!

TOday's WOD




U.S. Olympian

The people here are really sweet and helpful. They have a good, supportive, atmosphere. Come in if you want to get your WOD on.


I just wanted to share my gratitude to your gym. A year ago today I tried out for banked track roller derby and have been playing ever since. You are the reason I’ve had this opportunity. Over ten years ago I watched my first bout (flat track) and instantaneously put it on my bucket list, since I was already involved in other contact sports at the time. Four years ago I tore my ACL and had replacement surgery; at that point I felt I was done with contact sports for good. 


Had a heck of a time finding a box that has flexible schedules and great coaches. The community here truly wants you to succeed, not just by being able to lift heavy things, but also eat better, feel better and include your family and friends while doing it.  Thats right, I said community, because its not just a box!


We are located on the south side of the campus at 6451 E Shea Blvd. If you point your smart phone GPS to 10229 N 64th Place you will find directions to our parking lots off of North 64th Place.